ReVive - St Mungo's decorating social enterprise company

ReVive gives homeless people, who have completed our Painting and Decorating programme, the chance to work on live contracts in a work based environment.

St Mungo's Broadway has a wide variety of accommodation projects and offices - both small and large. ReVive competes against external contractors to win contracts when projects come up for refurbishment. This means that ReVive must operate like a commercial business and compete for tenders on costs, finish and delivery time.

During its first year of operating, ReVive completed nine decorating contracts, worth £43,000 and trained 13 homeless people in the skills needed to work on-site on live projects.

The feedback from our hostels has been positive, with one hostel manager saying: "Very pleased with the quality of work; definitely our preferred provider of this service."

Clients on the project have come away with a range of valuable skills including how to work in a team and produce high quality work to deadline. This is a great achievement for a number of our clients who have not worked for a number of years and others who had revive photonever held a paid job.

Like all St Mungo's Broadway projects, ReVive is run along the lines of the Recovery Approach, which is the belief that our clients can, and do, want to recover from homelessness and are capable of achieving their goals.

At ReVive our clients have the added bonus of gaining both vocational and personal skills. They continue to receive help and support with their personal development. Project Manager Alpheous Little says:

"Our aim is to provide a clear path into work for our service users and help them to achieve sustained independence."

ReVive is moving towards negotiating for external contracts with partner housing associations, and has been guaranteed sub-contracting work in the private sector including by St Mungo's main contractor, Quinn London. Quinn London has also recruited a number of our clients to work for them. Clients have also been taken on by two other St Mungo's Broadway contractors, Lakehouse and R & B Decorators.

For its innovative approach to helping homeless people back into work and training, ReVive was awarded the 2010 SPARKS Challenge Award. Read the press announcement here.